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Construction on 45th Avenue

 It resulted in cars being towed between Broadway to Queens Blvd on 45th Avenue   Notice of the construction was not made in a timely manner. 

The towing was announced, “at the owners expense” by the tow truck bull horn, beginning at 5:30 a.m.    Towing started at 6 AM.  If any street notice was posted, at all, it was for a very limited time and poorly noted and poorly placed.   

 A complaint has been filled with the city at phone #311   Another complaint has been filled with the City Councilman Daniel Dromm’s office at 718-803-6373. 

If your car was towed and / or impounded and you are fined, please contact his office.  He may be able to help you (Ask for Sharon – she received the complaint  

The work is contracted to Pratt Brothers, Inc., with a permit running from Sept 15 to November 30.  Beware of future construction with little notice between these dates  

An additional complaint was filed with “DDC”, the NYC office of Design and Construction.  718-391-3111 – the complaint was forward to Pat Larkin, a senior supervisor for road construction in Queens  

 Please forward this information to anyone you know that might have had their car unjustly towed. 


Elmhurst Towers in Winter

Elmhurst towers in the Winter