Dells Mill

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Election District 48


Laundry Rules

The Laundry Room is open from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm.  The room will be locked promptly at 10 Sharp

Unattended laundry left in machines after the washing cycle or drying cycle will be removed and set aside

Unattended laundry left in the laundry carts will be removed if the carts are needed by others

Carts are not to leave the laundry room.  You will be fined for removing them

Carts with hanging racks are to be used for tenants needing to use hangers.  Please use the other carts when they are available if you do not need to hang clothes

The room will be lock promptly at 10 pm.  If you need to use the dryers to complete your chores, the last wash should start no later than 9 pm

Carts should be parked where might find them when the helpful staff has cleaned the room

Do not place laundry chemicals on the folding tables.  The detergent, softener, bleach or other chemicals can stain the table and your clothes when they are folded

Clean up after yourself.  This is a shared facility.

Paper, dryer sheets, used containers should be disposed of and not left on the floor, tables, on or in the machines

Wipe up any spills

Leave the room in a better condition than you found it

The staff's responsibilities do no include cleaning up after you

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